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I began with Dog Breeding in 1987 when I saved a Golden English Cocker called
Bryta from a dogs home(asylum).She had a litter of small gold coloured puppies
and we were happy about that.
In 1993 I bought a female dog Dita from Falenka from Lipuvka(Mrs.Svetlikova).
I started to become a dog breeder with the help of some friends namely Mr.Fury(expert)

 I liked the curly coated retriever race in brown(there were only Black at the time)in 1994 I bought Barca Arna Mohary.She won a few titles.She has had puppies with Argo from Austria(Fischanend)in 1996.Her son Cir lives in Slovakia.
At the world exhibition in Vienna I met Mr.Bakker from Holland.She brought in 1998
a six months old dog Nick-later interchampion.In 2001 he fathered 5 puppies.Male-Fargo, females-Fanny, Fantasy, Flegy, Fuga, Fergie. Only Fergie stayed at home.

In 2005 she became mom of females-Gill,Gloria(Lola),Greta. Lola works in Graz as canisttherapeut. Greta became mother in 2008 to two sons-Hasan, Hafan and one daughter Hanny.This year I want to cover Fuga and Fanny and Greta in Holland.

I will probably bring a new dog from France,something to look forward to.